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Micro Slow Close Swing Check Valve HH44X

2016-03-25 11:09
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Micro Slow Close Swing Check Valve


Product Description:
HH44X micro Slow Close Check Valve from the valve body, valve cover, valve, control valve and the valve shaft and other components installed in the pump outlet to prevent backflow media and the elimination of destructive water hammer, and can effectively reduce the valve is closed the water hammer pressure, can protect the safe operation of the pipeline network. It has a light valve, the opening of large, energy-saving effect is remarkable, fluid resistance, eliminate water hammer mechanism design, stable and reliable sealing performance, wear resistance, long life, smooth operation, no vibration, no noise characteristics.
Features and Benefits
● has a counterweight means. When the valve disc swing resistance to flow is small, the valve opening force is only one fifth of the original swing for energy-saving products.
● Close the valve after the stroke has a damping device segment, and the damping time, adjustable to prevent damaging water hammer generation.
● novel encapsulated valve design, reliable sealing, corrosion, vibration resistant, long life; smooth operation, low noise.